Alifely 深水埗西九龍中心門市位置及前往方法 Sham Shui Po Dragon Center Location and Way to Get Here


We have a shop in Sham Shui Po Dragon Center which convenient for customers to shop in person.

  • 格仔舖名稱(Shop Name): 「啤一Bear」
  • 地址(Address): 深水埗西九龍中心7樓7061-7062舖深水埗地鐵站C2出口附近 (Shop 7061-7062, 7/F, Dragon Center, Sham Shui Po (near to Sham Shui Po exit C2) )
  • 格仔號碼及位置 (Cage No.): A1 (收銀處前方第一行頂格 The highest cage on the first row near to the Cashier)
  • 營業時間(Opening Hours): 1230 - 2000


Suggest going to our shop on the 7/F in Dragon Center, the way to get there is listed below.

  • 本店的格仔於格仔鋪收銀處隔離
  • Our Cage is here!!!! Next to the Cashier

Our Cage is here~

If you have any queries, please feel free to comment below or directly contact us



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