Alifely 藍田匯景廣場門市位置及前往方法 Lam Tin Sceneway Plaza Location and Way to Get Here

We have a shop in Lam Tin Sceneway Plaza which convenient for customers to shop in person

  • 格仔舖名稱(Shop Name): 「啤一Bear」
  • 地址(Address): 藍田匯景廣場5樓45B舖 (Shop 45B, 5/F, Sceneway Plaza, Lam Tin)
  • 格仔號碼及位置 (Cage No.): AB1 (門口右邊最高格 The highest cage on right-hand side)
  • 營業時間(Opening Hours): 1230 - 2000

Suggest going our shop by taking MTR, the way to get there is listed below

  • 請使用A出口 - 啟田道(Please go to Exit A: Kai Tin Road)

  • 當你見到左手邊的OK便利店,你已到達匯景廣場3樓
  • When you see Circle K convenient shop on your Left-hand side, you are on the 3/F of Sceneway Plaza

  • 在麥當勞及龍城冰室中間上電梯(上完電梯即為4樓)
  • Take the escalator between ‘McDonald's’ and ‘Dragon City Café (龍城冰室)’

  • 轉右於吉野家及SUN Mobile旁邊電梯上5樓
  • Turn Right, take the escalator between ‘Yoshinoya(吉野家)’ and SUN Mobile to go 5/F

  • 上扶手電梯後直行,會見到「晶石店」
  • After taking the escalator, Turn Right and you may see the shop「晶石店」

  • 於「晶石店」右邊直行
  • Go to Right hand side of 「晶石店」, then go straight forward

  • 即達「啤一Bear」
  • Arrived Our Shop「啤一Bear」

  • 本店的格仔
  • Our Cage are here!!!!

Our Cage is on the right-hand side (The highest one)

If you have any queries, please feel free to comment below



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